Lease Calculator

Generate even more lead opportunities with our lease calculator. Visitors can choose pricing options on specific vehicles with real-time local lease offers pulled from your OEM.

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How It Works

Your VRPs and VDPs will prompt shoppers to "Customize Your Lease Payment", sending them through a few user-friendly, non-intrusive questions that will help them determine their estimated monthly payments based off real-time local lease offers being pulled from your OEM.

Step 1

Step 1: First, we'll need your zip code.

Step 2

Step 2: How long do you want to keep this vehicle?

Step 3

Step 3: How much do you want to put down?

Step 4

Step 4: How's your credit?

How It Sells

Now that shoppers have determined if and how they can afford this particular vehicle on your lot, they are given the opportunity to "Lock This Payment", capturing a lead for your CRM that includes the exact vehicle and monthly price point they desire (with their contact information and past shopping behavior). This ensures that shoppers won't be disappointed by pricing at your dealership, and puts your team in the ideal position to close deals.

How It Sells

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