The messaging platform with A.I. that
connects customers to your dealership 24/7

Stay Open For Business 24/7, Everywhere

Conversations™ is flexibly built to connect today’s car shoppers with your dealership — wherever, whenever, and however they want to — with A.I. technology and managed chat support to instantly respond to all of your incoming chats 24/7.

Designed For Effortless Connections

Whether you’re on desktop or our mobile app, you can use hotkeys to answer instantly and provide next-level customer service by simply dragging and dropping your inventory, videos, and brochures into threads with interested shoppers.

Engineered For Efficient

You can run all your business communications through Conversations™, with internal chat and transfer tools connecting your teams to instantly  serve customers better from one easy-to-use hub.

Automated with Ana Bot A.I.

Conversations™ comes with Ana Bot, our A.I. that captures leads on her own while saving your team tons of time. Ana can dynamically provide hours and directions, schedule appointments, calculate trade-in estimates, provide personalized offers, and more.

Friendlier Than Lead Forms

Today’s consumer is losing patience for submit-and-wait lead forms. That’s why Ana Bot is seamlessly integrated into the DI Website Platform to answer common website CTAs instantly through easy, friendly chats that users are more likely to share contact info in.

Built For Face-To-Face

Personalized videos create a connection with your dealership, so Conversations™ is built for you to create, send, and then save videos to your Glovebox for later use. You can also connect in real-time with video conferencing to give shoppers vehicle walk-arounds like they’re with you right on the showroom floor.

Programmed Into Your Customers’ Cars

Connect with customers through their infotainment systems when they need you most — on the road with a service request. There’s nothing special you need to do to have these voice-activated Conversations™ — they route through the platform just like any normal text or chat.

Covered While You’re
Off The Clock

Rest easy off the clock knowing all chats will be expertly answered and added to your CRM by our 24/7 Conversations Call Center. Chats also roll over to them when customers are left waiting for a set number of seconds.

Connected to All of Your Marketing

Conversations™ is not just a “chat tool” thrown on top of your website — it’s seamless tech weaved into your digital ecosystem to power instant connections and big results.
2017 Google Mobile Innovation Award Winners (North America)

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