Conversations™: Now Speaking 29 DIfferent Languages


With the click of a button, Conversations™ chat agents can now translate incoming and outgoing messages in real-time! With support for 29 different languages, Conversations™ gives you the ability to communicate with your shoppers in their native language.


This new feature is now active for all Conversations™ clients at no additional charge!*


Conversations™ In-Chat Translations



When Conversations™ detects that an incoming message is in a language different than the chat agent’s (based on their user profile setting) the agent can simply click a button to translate that message to the appropriate language.

The agent then responds to the incoming message in their own language. When the agent clicks send, Conversations™ automatically translates that message to the language of the user. All further messages are translated as they’re sent and received with no additional action required.

Thanks to the power of the AWS cloud, this happens in real time allowing you to have clear and productive conversations with your shoppers regardless of what language they speak.


*In-Chat Translations are only available on desktop version of Conversations™. Mobile App functionality coming soon. 

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