Viewing Dealer ROI Through One PRIZM™

You need to know the ROI of all your dealership’s marketing efforts, and you can’t afford to spend all day trying to find it. Enter PRIZM™, our proprietary reporting software that that gives you top-level summaries and proactive alerts for your website analytics, marketing performance, and open support requests — all from one beautiful dashboard.

Brie Whitfield
Product Owner, PRIZM™

Brie Whitfield
Brie has been with Dealer Inspire since 2014, and today she combines her passion for client services with her otherworldly organizational skills to lead a team in the development of PRIZM™, Dealer Inspire’s proprietary reporting dashboard. When she’s not crushing sprints and making PRIZM™ the best it can be, she’s hanging out with her husband and spoiling her two german shepherds Harley & Koda with lots of treats. Like an insane amount of treats. It’s not healthy. Seriously.

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