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NADA 2019 is over, and if you didn’t get a chance to visit us at our booth in San Francisco — fear not — we have a recap of everything we launched and announced for 2019 that had the audience buzzing. One of the most exciting things we unveiled at NADA 2019 was TWO solutions that solve digital retailing for every dealer by adapting to your desired process, so we brought out the cameras to give you at home live demos of Online Shopper: Redline℠ and Online Shopper: Electric℠.



Online Shopper: Redline℠

Online Shopper: Redline Digital Retailing SolutionIf you’re currently using Online Shopper℠ as your digital retailing solution, then you already know what Online Shopper: Redline℠ is all about. It allows your website visitors to customize their vehicle payments with real-time lease and finance bank rates, evaluate their trade-in, and schedule an appointment to take a test drive and complete the rest of their deal in the showroom.

For you, there’s no training needed, no backend to login to, no need to change your current processes and it installs on your website within 24 hours.

#ProTip: Online Shopper: Redline℠ can now be activated on any website platform!

This digital retailing solution has been wildly successful for our dealers since we streamlined the process this past October. On average, our clients see a 184% increase in leads generated from Online Shopper: Redline℠ compared to their website’s lead volume without it.

And these aren’t regular leads either — we call them super leads — because the data going directly to your CRM includes contact, credit, monthly payment, and trade-in details, so you have all the information you need to close the deal when they walk onto your showroom floor.


Online Shopper: Electric℠

Online Shopper: Electric Digital Retailing SolutionWhile many dealers appreciate the no-nonsense approach to digital retailing that Online Shopper: Redline℠ provides, there is a growing number of dealers who are actively adjusting how they do business and want users to be able to complete more of the car deal online.

For these dealers, we have Online Shopper: Electric℠ which offers a seamless end-to-end, online and in-store consumer experience allowing consumers to complete more of the car buying process online.

We didn’t just add extra steps to Online Shopper℠, we reimagined the entire experience, including:

  • Redesigned UX that keeps users on the VDP
  • Digital garage to save, customize, and compare multiple vehicles
  • Seamless experience between devices and in-store kiosk
  • User upload of driver’s license and insurance card
  • Ultra-convenient 3-step check out

Need help deciding which edition of Online Shopper ℠is right for your dealership? Schedule a demo with us today, and we’ll walk you through versions so you can decide which best aligns with your consumer and business goals.



Metal Inventory Management System by Dealer InspireA modern dealership needs a modern inventory management system, and Metal℠ is our brand-new IMS that was built with modern design and lightning-quick controls to help your team move metal faster than the competition without any training needed. Here’s look at some of the features that you’ll find in Metal℠.

  • Lightning Search: Finding one vehicle out of hundreds now takes milliseconds. Your list instantly adapts with each letter typed, allowing you to search by year, make, model, trim, color, feature, miles, VIN, and custom keywords.
  • Smart Custom Fields: Vehicle description fields are fully customizable so you can organize and display your inventory the way that makes sense for your dealership. Metal℠ also recognizes patterns and vehicle types to create the most relevant fields when uploading new inventory.
  • Dynamic Media Library: Metal℠ makes your vehicles shine by dynamically displaying high-resolution images, videos and even PDF brochures to shoppers. Adding, editing, and ordering media takes seconds before syncing with all your inventory near real-time.
  • Real-time API Sync: The changes made in Metal℠ are instantly pushed in real-time to your Dealer Inspire website, products, and advertising campaigns — as well as and Facebook Marketplace.

We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with Metal℠ that we’re offering you a free 30-day trial without having to ditch your current IMS. Sign up for your free trial today!



Prizm Reporting Dashboard by Dealer InspireIf there’s one thing almost every dealer wants more of, it’s detailed reporting on how their marketing efforts are working for them. If there’s one thing almost every dealer wants less of, it’s reporting dashboards to log in to.

Prizm℠, our new real-time reporting platform, brings the technology and marketing dashboards you use most into one streamlined experience so you can spend less time logging into the backend of various systems, and more time making educated decisions based off data.

Prizm℠ currently can pull data from the following sources:

  • DMS
  • Dealer Inspire Website
  • Online Shopper
  • Conversations
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads


But it’s not just easy access to reporting, Prizm℠ also includes:

  • Enterprise Level Reporting: Easily toggle between full enterprise reporting mode and individual rooftop mode, giving you the flexibility you need when reporting on your group as a whole.
  • Support Ticket Dashboard: Whether you’re looking at the individual store level or the group level, you’ll always have insight in to the status of your open, closed and pending support tickets for your dealerships.
  • Custom Alerts: Prizm℠ comes with pre-set alerts that will notify you when certain conditions occur (i.e. weekly traffic decrease by 25%) and the ability to create your own custom alerts, IFTTT style!



Personalized Offers in ConversationsWe’re constantly teaching Ana Bot, our A.I. powered chatbot, new skills to make her a more valuable member of your team. You can now sync your customer lists with Conversations℠ so Ana Bot can let customers know which offers they might qualify for and then seamlessly launch Online Shopper to start a personalized deal.

#ProTip: Export your sold customer list from your CRM and sync it with Ana. She can then return a Loyalty Coupon to those folks via Conversations℠.

If there are no personalized offers available, Ana Bot won’t leave people feeling let down. She’ll simply reply with the available incentives that are specific to the VDP your visitor is currently viewing.



DealerRater Salesperson Connect on Dealer Inspire WebsitesAs we look to expand our connections with our sister companies, we’re really excited to integrate DealerRater’s Salesperson Connect technology on the Dealer Inspire VDP.

Salesperson Connect allows consumers to select an employee to work with directly from your website’s vehicle details pages. These connections personalize the shopper experience, while rewarding top sales people by featuring them on the VDP.

Shoppers on your website will now have access to all the information they need to make an informed decision – the product, price, place, and person. How awesome is that?!



At Dealer Inspire, it’s our mission to be the essential marketing platform provider for your dealership. Everything that we announced at NADA and talked about about here is a part of our quest to fulfill that mission. We’d love to show you how our innovative solutions – from search to signature – allow you to provide the best consumer experience possible, while helping your dealership find more efficiencies. Let’s connect today!

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Jason Stum
As the Director of Content Marketing at CARS, Jason draws from his hands-on dealership experience in Sales, Business Development, and Digital Marketing to lead a team in crafting actionable and insightful content for car dealers.

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