Meet The Inventory Management Team

To paraphrase the late, great Notorious B.I.G. circa 1997, “more inventory, more problems”…and while that’s sometimes true in a general sense, you really have no reason to fear because your friendly neighborhood Inventory Management team is here! We are a dedicated department at Dealer Inspire that’s focused on being active subject matter experts that are responsible for a variety of production, support, and general inventory maintenance tasks.

We play very well with others as we juggle requests from virtually all teams on the auto side of DI as well as clients and third parties. We’re the ones responsible for configuring inventory accounts, feed exports, vehicle pricing displays, incentives and rebates, and a wide array of other inventory data troubleshooting responsibilities.


Who’s on our team?

When the squad isn’t rocking out their inventory related tasks, you can find them cuddling with their kids, cats & dogs, hitting the slopes, and creepily obsessing over Harry Styles. We asked the team to introduce themselves to you, so let’s go meet them all right now!


Jenny Decker: Inventory Management Supervisor

I majored in Communications at Western Illinois University then went on to earn my MBA at Lewis University before joining the Dealer Inspire team in September of 2015. After a brief stint with Project Management department at DI, I found a love for inventory, data, and processes. After I found that niche, I was able to help build this awesome department and haven’t looked back since!

Reading, running, and listening to true crime and paranormal podcasts are ways I pass the time when I’m not working. Small (and not in any way concerning) obsessions include my sweet dog, and Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction.

Fun Fact: My dog, my Ford Escape, and a majority of my houseplants are named after Harry Potter characters: Tonks, Luna, Severus, Trelawny, and Dobby, respectively.


Sara Rieck: Inventory Specialist

I went to Northern Illinois University and graduated in 2007 with a BA in Sociology. Shortly after I got married and moved to Germany where I lived with my German husband and our mini dachshund for 9 years. I lived in four different cities: Dresden, Hamburg, Malente and Berlin. While living in Berlin I attended the Free University of Berlin where I graduated with a Masters in Sociology with a focus on data analysis. In September 2016 my family moved back to the USA and I started working for DI! It’s been totally awesome working with the inventory team ever since.

Hobbies: I love to run and spend time with my family

Fun Fact: There are 16 different ways to conjugate ‘the’ in German, depending on the gender and case of the subject. Also, I used to teach English and work as editor when I live in the EU.


Bethany Muscat: Inventory Specialist

I have been with DI since Feb. 2017 – so a little more than a year and half! Before I worked here I worked at a bar for about 8 years and I still like stopping by to see all the old peeps I used to work with.  For fun I like to bowl and I’ve been in a bowling league for about 4 years now. I also love to have Netflix on in the background while I work, so if anyone has any suggestions (preferably thrillers or scary ones) I’m all for it!

Fun Fact: I have a weird food OCD thing were I can’t end a meal on a on a potato product.  I don’t know why, I just can’t!


Sam Froehlich: Inventory Specialist

I am an 80% remote employee up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who happens to be a puppy mom, coffee enthusiast, and Netflix guru. I’ve been with Dealer Inspire for just over 2 years, starting out as DI’s very first OEM Tier I Support Specialist. Now, I’ve been with the Inventory team for a year.

Fun Fact: I once rocked a mohawk hairstyle, back in college..wild times.


Mike (Mikey) Brouder: Associate Inventory Specialist

I’m a recent college graduate from Colorado State University where I majored in Economics and I’ve been at Dealer Inspire since January of 2018. For fun, I like to snowboard, golf, or snuggle with my puppy, Snoop.

Fun Fact: I was once to be able to do a backflip on my snowboard.


Karl Kestermann: Inventory Specialist

I’m a proud father of two little girls (8 & 6 yrs old). I’ve been part of the DI family since Feb 2018 and part of the inventory team since May. I’m also an experienced Bass Guitar player (No slappa da bass jokes please!), all around musician and I’m trying to break into the commercial/film world with my music on the side.

Fun Fact: Karl has 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a new puppy on the way!


Shavon Jordan: Associate Inventory Specialist

I love to bake and be a mother to my 3 year old son. I’ve been at Dealer Inspire since May.

Fun Fact: I had a culinary scholarship to Monroe College in New York City.

Jenny Decker
Jenny Decker is the Inventory Management Supervisor at Dealer Inspire. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Western Illinois University and an MBA from Lewis University. In her spare time, you’ll see her counting the number of dogs she sees on her runs, going to broadway shows, and holding the secret to flawless purple hair.

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