Before They Say Goodbye… HelloBar!


One of the biggest separations between online and in-showroom shoppers is the ability for salespeople to direct the conversation. In-showroom shoppers are typically greeted by a salesperson who guides and manages the interests of the customer. If at any point the customer seems disinterested and indicates they are leaving, the salesperson has an opportunity to re-engage the customer and offer more incentives to strike a deal. 

Dealer Inspire introduced Personalization to simulate this kind of interaction on your website, which tailors the messaging and offers to each individual customer based on their interests, location, and browsing history (on and off your site). We’ve already written a whole other blog about that, so today we wanted to tell you about another useful tool that helps your website close the opportunities your sales team would in-person by engaging customers before they leave.

Let us introduce you to HelloBar — a great way to say “Hello!” before your customers say “Goodbye.”


What is HelloBar?

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-11-13-50HelloBar is an impactful way to display pop-ups, modals, and screen takeovers, with many options for customization that can be easily updated and created from HelloBar’s own admin panel. You are in the driver’s seat of your campaigns. While pop-ups are not new a concept, they can be presented in a unique, not-annoying way with HelloBar by using something that’s called exit intent behavior. This occurs when a customer has loaded and interacted with a page, then goes to leave it. In short, it’s an opportunity to get that last offer on the table before your customer walks out of your digital showroom.

Consider turning this into a serious conversation starter. First, take that exit intent pop-up, make it show on your vehicle pages, and tune it up with an eye-catching trade evaluation graphic. Next, add an enticing message like, We’ll give you 110% of your trade-in value! Then place a call to action that links to your Trade-In Appraisal form page. This strategy has made some of our clients’ trade-in leads grow so fast they freaked.

Of course, your process doesn’t have to match this to be effective. The great thing about HelloBar is it’s versatile and intuitive so you can tailor it for whichever leads convert the highest under your rooftop.


Say Hello to More Leads

HelloBar has metrics that show you how your campaign has affected your leads, and what you can do to increase conversions. Your analytics will display how many times your pop-up was shown and clicked on, and if you connect these numbers with your lead data, you can see how a different graphic or verbiage affects your results.


Exit intent pop-ups are a great way to engage customers who intend to leave your site. Turn their exit into a prospect just like you would in the showroom. Stay on top of your digital showroom by showing the customer one last offer and move metal like a boss with HelloBar.

If you would like to set-up HelloBar on your Dealer Inspire website, give your Performance or Account Manager a shout, and we’ll hook you up!

Richard Simard

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