Featured Department: The PageSpeed Team

Pagespeed…it’s kind of a big deal. How fast your website loads not only impacts the overall user experience, but it can have a positive (or negative) impact on your SEO as well. Here at Dealer Inspire, we take pride in how much attention we pay to pagespeed. Since 2015 we’ve had a team in place to work on pagespeed improvements for our platform, so that our dealership clients have the fastest loading website possible.

With that being said, I’m excited to tell you more about our team and introduce you to the individuals who are constantly striving to make the Dealer Inspire web platform the fastest on the planet.


About The Dealer Inspire Pagespeed Team

Our Pagespeed Team is a subset of the Features Team. The team’s goal is to improve the frontend speed of our platform by addressing many types of performance issues (both internal and external). Currently the team is working on improving “JellyFish” – a custom-built WordPress plugin – which works within our infrastructure to automate pages peed improvements.

Another function of our Pagespeed Team is to provide data we (and our clients) can take action on. With as many people we have across both Dealer Inspire & Launch Digital Marketing, the team works diligently to ensure that our teammates are trained up on all new pagespeed improvements and techniques. By communicating a clear and consistent message to all departments about pagespeed, we are able to keep our clients up to speed (pun intended) on all new platform features and improvements.

It’s also important to note that although we have a dedicated team for pagespeed, the work certainly isn’t limited to this one team. Many other cross-departmental teammates have been involved in improving the performance on our platform, and we are grateful for their efforts in making our platform better.

Something exciting that our team is currently working on is a process to create an A/B test platform-wide so that we can have solid data to backup our recommendations while providing this data to our teammates and clients alike. We’re also really excited to collaborate with our teams to make overall site improvements based on these A/B tests. We can’t wait to see what comes of it!


Meet The Pagespeed Team

We asked each member of the pagespeed team to share some fun facts about themselves with you. Please take a couple of minutes to get to know these super-heroes of pagespeed that much better.

Shawn Hubbard at Dealer InspireShawn “Kid Flash” Hubbard (Feature & Support Dev Manager)

Shawn has been with DI for over two years and manages the Features and Support Dev teams. Outside of work he can be found spending time with his wife and three sons, undertaking a variety of woodworking projects, reading, and programming.


Aaron Olin at Dealer InspireAaron “Sonic” Olin (Feature Developer)

Aaron has been with DI for over two years. In addition to his many contributions to our pagespeed efforts, he has created many useful tools that our clients and internal teams use every day. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his wife, Christine, and their hedgehog Ryu.


Tom Krush at Dealer InspireTom “Quicksilver” Krush (Senior Feature Developer)

Tom is the Senior Feature Developer for Dealer Inspire. He started working at the company in early 2016. Tom keeps busy outside of work collecting old programming books, following his seven month old son around, and playing Tetris with his wife.


And that’s our pagespeed crew! Hopefully you’ve gotten to know each member of the team a little bit better (I know I did!). Next time around we’ll introduce you to another team here at Dealer Inspire. In the meantime, feel free to say ‘hey’ to any of our peeps in the comment section below!

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