Boss Mode Activated!


The Managed Chat agents for Conversations™ are trained experts at helping your online shoppers and converting them into leads 24/7, but of course there are specific things only you at the dealership can answer in the moment. That’s why we just gave YOU the power to view all active conversations in real-time and jump into them whenever you want.

Conversations™ Boss Mode

Whether it’s to answer financing questions or confirm when upcoming models will be in stock, this new feature gives you the ability to jump in when the Boss is needed.

Boss Mode has already been activated for all Conversations™ clients, here’s how you can start being the Boss today!

1. On the left hand menu in Conversations™, select Active Chats.

2. Click View Details for the chat you want to check on (you’re not taking over yet)

3. Get caught up on what’s been discussed so far. If you want to jump in, simply click the red Takeover Chat button.

4. A new tab within Conversations™ will open up and you can continue helping the customer with full access to all of Conversations™ features, like any normal message thread.

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