Christine Radley | Launch Digital Marketing

Dark Search: Can Data Survive the Abyss of Evil?

Oct 29, 2:00pm CST

Search is going dark…very dark. A terrifying scene of unspeakable horror unfolds as a weary marketer logs in to Google Analytics.
There, right at the top, you see it. Chasing you from section to section of data. No matter how fast you run, it’s always there. Right there–over your shoulder. Precious analytics data being devoured by the sinister, dark abyss of “Not Provided” and “Not Set”. An indescribable uneasiness possesses you. The absence of compelling data has you frozen in fear.
We’ll unlock the ominous origin of these mysterious terms. Learn why they are ravaging valuable metrics and how to quell your screams as you survive the virulent decay of data right before your teary, bloodshot eyes.
Join me Thursday, if you dare, to unlock the secrets of Dark Search and pray you live to tell the tale.

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