Meet the Dealer Inspire Analytics Team

The main function of the Analytics Team is to provide data Dealer Inspire (and our clients) can take action on. More specifically, the team works to define and implement digital measurement strategies, implement tracking, perform testing and develop reports – all in an effort to improve website traffic, leads and conversions for our clients.

Currently, the team is working on a process to create platform-wide A/B tests so that we can have solid data to strengthen our recommendations to clients and also be able to provide additional data to our sales team when they’re consulting with prospects. The Analytics Team is also really excited to collaborate with our Account, Performance and SEO teams to make overall site improvements based on these A/B tests. We can’t wait to see what comes of it.


A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

When the words “Data Analyst” come to mind, you’re likely picturing someone with glasses reviewing numbers or graphs. (While we do look at numbers and graphs, only one-third of our team wears glasses.)

Every department at DI plays a role in the success of our clients’ sites, but the Analytics Department is at the heart of making data-driven decisions company-wide because of trends found within our data. Numbers that make sense, make cents. (Get it?)

There are two major components of our job: 1) collecting healthy/accurate data and 2) maintaining that data. We collect healthy and accurate data by setting up our new sites with Google Analytics, Clicky and Hotjar. To maintain the integrity of our data, we apply different kinds of filters and get involved with data falls to identify any number of issues with a site.

And on those rare occasions when something seems off with a clients’ data, you will find the Analytics Team at the forefront of mitigating data loss and resolving the issue.


Who’s On Our Team

It turns out our Analytics team members have multiple interests and talents above and beyond a passion for data analysis. Who can build you a boat? Who once spent a decade as a firefighter? Read on to find out!

Brook Barker (Analytics Director)

  • I’m originally from Southern California
  • I’ve worked here over 2 years
  • I foster dogs through a local rescue
  • Friends describe me as a clean freak


Jessica Feliciano (Senior Digital Analyst)

  • I started with LDM/DI in June and have been loving working with my team
  • I’m originally from Aurora, but have spent the past 10 years living in the south (Oklahoma and Texas)
  • In my spare time I like to brew beer and make things with my 3D printer
  • I’m halfway obsessed with the Game of Thrones books (and TV show) and watch theory videos on YouTube


Paige Fisher (Analyst)

  • I have two adopted dogs Ellie Mae and Bobby
  • I interned with Launch for 1 year before coming on full time
  • I own a bass, electric guitar, and keyboard and do not know how to play any of them. (lol)


Alex Jenkins (Associate Analyst)

  • I studied abroad in Ireland for a year
  • I enjoy building boats (one sailboat and kayak for now…)
  • I went to New Mexico State


Dino Vitale (Associate Analyst)

  • I love being outside and spending my free time outside fishing, kayaking, shooting trap and just being outdoors
  • I love country music!
  • I love live music as well! (Best live show: Florida Georgia Line – they put on an absolute SHOW it was insane)


Michael McShane (Analyst)

  • I have played in the Youth World Cup/Gothia Cup in Sweden
  • I love to sing and play guitar
  • I studied in Dublin, Ireland for 6 months while attending University
  • I was born and raised in Colorado which I support all Colorado sports teams! Go Broncos!


Paige Martin (Senior Digital Analyst)

  • I build custom furniture, bars being my favorite build
  • I am a legitimate cat lady; owning two of my own and taking care of the 16 outdoor cats behind my house
  • You can always catch me wearing some badass Nike high tops
  • I am striving to own an elephant someday


Jason Dexter (Analyst)

  • Saltwater fish tanks are a love of mine. I enjoy creating an ecosystem that can live and breathe on it’s own and seeing all the beauty that comes from a well made saltwater fish tank.
  • I love to tell Dad jokes to my much younger co-workers
  • Being a firefighter for 10 years helped shape me to who I am today and teach me the value of life as a whole to help me become a better father.


Orlando Gallegos (Associate Analyst)

  • I’m a car enthusiast, hence why I’m glad to be working in an industry that ties my marketing degree with my passion.
  • I love fish – I love seafood, I love fishing, and I love having fish as pets.
  • I either sleep for approximately 4 hours or 10-11. There’s no in-between.


Joe Wood (Analytics Intern)

  • I’ve worked at a BBQ restaurant since I was 15
  • I’m currently undefeated in ping pong at launch
  • I have never left the country(I hope to)
  • After I graduate Dayton, I hope to get my Masters in Accounting


And that’s our team – aren’t they awesome?! Feel free to share your own love for Game of Thrones, irregular sleep patterns, or favorite Dad joke in the comment section below!

Jason Stum
As the Director of Content Marketing at CARS, Jason draws from his hands-on dealership experience in Sales, Business Development, and Digital Marketing to lead a team in crafting actionable and insightful content for car dealers.

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