Please use only the following approved colors.

Main Brand Colors



255, 255, 255

DI Gray


239, 239, 239

DI Black


17, 17, 17

DI Blue


83, 170, 204

P 116-12 U

Logo Guidelines

The following are general rules as to how to use our logo. If you have any questions, please email

Do’s & Don’ts

  • The height and width of the clear areas surrounding the logo (called the “area of isolation”) should never be less than 50 percent of the height of the logo.
  • Don’t rotate or place the logo at an angle.
  • The Dealer Inspire logo should always stand alone; don’t place it in text or pair it with another logo/graphic element.
  • Don’t create a new logo that incorporates the Dealer Inspire logo.
  • Always maintain the logo’s original proportions when resizing. Never stretch the logo – only scale it.

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