Case Study: Online Shopper℠ is a Lead Generation Machine!

For the past couple of years, Digital Retailing has been hailed as the “next big thing” and the future of car buying. Since then, many dealers have added digital retailing software, such as Online Shopper℠, to their websites to embrace this trend.

While there’s been plenty of conversations regarding whether consumers are ready for a car buying experience that is totally online, there is one fact you can’t deny – clients using Online Shopper℠ are generating high-quality leads like crazy.

In an effort the let our data tell the most compelling and accurate story, we looked at the performance of five dealers located in different regions throughout the country. Regardless of the dealership’s location – north, south, east or west – Online Shopper℠ is dramatically increasing the lead counts for our clients.





Since we’ve re-engineered Online Shopper℠ to be lighter, faster and simpler for consumers and dealers alike, we’ve been paying close attention to the data.

Our theory was that dealers didn’t need to overcomplicate digital retailing. All dealers really needed to do was give their website visitors the power to shop at their convenience, personalize their deal, review finance options and customize their payments.

The data we’re seeing from our clients who use Online Shopper℠ is proving our theory right. Let’s take a look at how Online Shopper℠ is performing for a few of our clients the past 30 days…


Used Car King

Located in Central New York, the Used Car King has over 650 pre-owned vehicles in stock. Their website visitors have been engaging with Online Shopper℠ to explore payment options and more at an astonishing rate.

In the past 30 days alone, 331 visitors have created 495 personalized deals with Online Shopper℠. That’s 331 new and unique leads generated directly from their website via Online Shopper℠ and sent right into their CRM. I’m no math whiz, but I’m pretty sure that equals 11 new leads and 16 new deals per day!

And remember, Online Shopper℠ leads aren’t your run of the mill leads with just a name, email address and maybe a phone number. No, these are super-leads with contact information in addition to payment details, finance options and trade-in details when applicable.

For comparison’s sake, let’s also take a look at the number of leads generated from Online Shopper℠ compared to their primary CTA on their VDP’s, I’m Interested.

During the same time frame, the I’m Interested CTA has generated 191 total leads, or 6 per day. A healthy number to be sure, but still only half of the volume of leads that Online Shopper℠ is generating for them.


Nyle Maxwell CDJR

Nyle Maxwell CDJR Online Shopper Deals Per DayNow let’s head 1,700 miles southwest from New York to Nyle Maxwell CDJR located just outside of Austin, TX. They too have been seeing fantastic results with Online Shopper℠ the past 30 days.

This Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Superstore has over 1,000 new and used vehicles in-stock and they use Online Shopper℠ to power their self-branded Fast Track Car Buying Experience.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we? During the thirty day case study period, 421 users on Nyle Maxwell CDJR’s website created a whopping 535 deals through Online Shopper℠. That averages out to be over 17 deals and 14 unique leads created per day. PER DAY!

Again, let’s compare the number of leads Online Shopper℠ generates compared to their main VDP CTA, Get Our Price. In this case during the same reporting period, the Get Our Price CTA on both new and used vehicles has generated 184 total leads for an average of 6 per day, less than half of what Online Shopper℠ is contributing to their overall lead generation efforts.


Stingray Chevrolet

Stingray Chevrolet Online Shopper Deals Per DayNext up, let’s head due east across the Gulf of Mexico to land at Stingray Chevrolet, located just east of Tampa, Florida.

With 750 new and used vehicles in their inventory, Online Shopper℠ has generated 356 new deals created by 278 unique users during the 30 day case study period. For our friends in sunny Florida, their team is following up with, and setting appointments for, 9 new leads and 12 new deals each and every day – all courtesy of Online Shopper℠.

When we look at the number of leads generated by their main VDP CTA, Check Availability, during the same time period we see that once again Online Shopper℠ is outperforming it by a lead count of 278 to 153!


Dave Arbogast Buick GMC

Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Online Shopper Deals Per DayFrom fun in the sun and back up to our currently chilly neck of the woods in the midwest, Dave Arbogast Buick GMC is also showing results using Online Shopper℠ that are consistent with the other dealers in the case study.

In their case, they’ve had 225 users create and customize 327 deals using Online Shopper℠ on their website the last 30 days. Doing the math here, that equals almost 8 new leads and 11 new deals entering their CRM every…single…day.

For reference, the main VDP CTA on both their new and used vehicle inventory is Check Price. Here we see just a total of 32 leads generated from the Check Price CTA during the reporting period, showing that consumers are finding much more value out of building a deal on their own terms, at their own pace compared to filling out a form and waiting for a reply.


Wilsonville Toyota

Wilsonville Toyota Online Shopper Deals Per DayAnd for the last stop on this case study caravan across the country, we’re headed all the way to Oregon to check in on our friends at Wilsonville Toyota. By now it shouldn’t be surprising…even up in the Pacific Northwest, Online Shopper℠ is proving its value to car buyers and dealers alike.

During the thirty day case study period, 283 Wilsonville Toyota website visitors have created and customized 356 deals in Online Shopper℠. That equals 9 new and unique leads and 12 new deals created each and every day.

By comparison, their main VDP CTA’s of No Bull Price for new and Confirm in Stock for used have combined to generate a lead count of 118 during the same period. That equals about 4 new lead forms filled out per day, but it is still less than half the amount of leads Online Shopper℠ is generating for their dealership.



So what did we learn during this case study? First off it reinforces our message that giving consumers a personalized, customizable shopping experience with Online Shopper℠ is doubling and tripling leads when we put it in on our dealers’ websites.

Online Shopper is proving to be a more reliable lead source compared to traditional VDP CTA’s

In addition, I’ll reiterate that these aren’t regular website leads. They’re more detailed, they’re higher intent, they’re faster to close — because your customer is choosing the exact VIN they want, they’re telling you the exact monthly payment they want, they’re filling out the whole deal for you. These kind of leads are just like the referrals you would get from friends and family. When they walk onto the lot, all the details — and that trust — is already there. They’re ready to close.

Secondly, it’s encouraging to see that regionality doesn’t play a part in how likely a car shopper is to engage with Online Shopper℠. From the Southeast to the Northwest and at all stops in between, dealers are seeing similar results once Online Shopper℠ is activated on their Dealer Inspire website.

If you’re still not using Online Shopper℠ on your website, it’s never too late to flip the switch. Simply fill out the contact form below, and a member of our team will reach out to you and have you up and running in less than 24 hours!

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Nate Jones
Nate Jones is the Director of Product Design for Dealer Inspire. He's obsessed with delightful user experience, and loves finding new ways to do things better. He uses his expertise to thoughtfully and creatively push our products to be better. He loves running for his physical & mental health and plays in an old man soccer league every week. He's a big US Soccer fan and a foolishly roots for Everton any time his life needs some unnecessary despair. When Nate unplugs, he keeps busy with his lovely wife, three fantastic children, two mischievous dogs, and two indifferent cats.

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